For Sellers

We sell for 98% of list price and in less than 14 days. We have a strong strategy in place to sell your home, including unparalleled web presence, a smart pricing system, internal network of contacts, and sheer passion for selling.

Our 8-Step Home Selling Plan

1)     Competitive Market Analysis

We provide you with a comprehensive study of pricing and specifications on similar homes in your area. Based on those results and current market trends, we determine the optimal asking price for your home.

2)     Internal Marketing Meeting

We review your property and highlight your home’s best assets for selling. We alert all Dream Town real estate agents to the listing to promote awareness among our buyers’ representatives.

3)     Professional Photo Shoot

We’ll do a professional photo shoot to generate a library of high-quality interior and exterior pictures of your home, which are then used to create a virtual home tour, 360° street view, printable brochure and much more!

4)     MLS Submission

Dream Town then submits an organized property listing to the MLS database of Northern Illinois that reaches all Chicago area Realtors®.

5)     Online Marketing

Through Dream Town, your listing will have unmatched online reach. From front page exposure on our site, to 5,000 daily prospects, plus premium ad placement on sites like, and, we make sure your property gets seen.

6)     Traditional Marketing

Our in-house marketing agency will produce color brochures, yard and street signage, open house notices and targeted mailers to sell your home as quickly and profitably as possible.

7)     Purchase Offer and Contingencies

Your agent will review all offers and make sure the buyer’s financial qualifications are verified. We negotiate on your behalf and mediate counter-offers to reach an agreement with the buyer. Contingencies and sale conditions are scrutinized by us, your agent to protect your interests and help you achieve the absolute best deal.

8)     Sale and Closing 

We monitor everything leading up to the final closing to ensure a smooth, problem-free process. We are present for each step, including the legal review, property inspection, appraisal, financing, satisfaction of contingencies and closing paperwork.

We’re here to guide and educate you every step of the way. We look forward to working with you as a team.

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