Andrew Ripani
I cannot say enough good things about my experience with Diana. I was a first time home-buyer with really no idea about what I was doing. I was taking this on completely by myself, and was not sure where to go or who to use. I found Diana from a link online, and I was a bit skeptical about using someone I had no connection to other than a few emails and a call. Well, I decided to trust my gut, and exclusively work with her. Honestly, I feel like I won the real-estate agent lotto! She was always available, responded to emails and calls instantly, and truly fought for my best interest throughout the entire process. I decided I would follow her blindly early, and she never lead me astray. When we finally found the place I wanted, and entered the bidding process, she set a price she would not let me go over. If we did not get to the price, she advised me to walk. Honestly, I would have paid more, and she knew it, but she was not in it for the extra commission. Diana truly had my best interest in mind, and we got the place at our price point! At the end of the process, I feel lucky to have had her as my agent, and more importantly a new buddy! I truly would recommend her services to all.

Andrew Ripani, West Loop

Andrew Ripani

West Loop

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